How Massage Can Help Improve Sleep

Massage does a lot more than relax a person, but relaxing a person's body is very important. It is the beginning of being able to sleep, which is crucial to our health. Massage therapy has been shown to help people get to sleep and to improve the quality of that sleep once they get there. Getting enough sleep is a major problem in our modern world, and massage therapy is one way to help solve the problem.

The Problem

Fatigue and a lack of sleep are a major problem in our country. Being in this state causes people to be less productive and to make more mistakes when they are at work, thus making them less efficient. Even if you are in this state, massage can ease some of those symptoms and relieve some of the fatigue.

How Massage Works

Massage relaxes skin tissues and muscles, and that gives a person a deep level of relaxation. Studies have shown this also helps the body release chemicals like serotonin, which is a chemical most responsible for making you feel good. Massage has a lot of good things it does to a person's body, and that all helps with sleep. Relaxation is the key ingredient to better sleep and, in general, better health.

Deep Sleep

The best night's sleep is one that includes a lot of what is called deep sleep. This is a very deep level of sleep where the body restores itself. Studies have shown that massage is very effective in improving the level and length of time a person is in this state of deep sleep. A lack of deep sleep keeps your body from restoring itself and can make fatigue even worse. To get to the state of deep sleep you must be asleep for a while, and you must be relaxed to even get to that state. This calls for a deep state of relaxation, and massage is one thing that can get you to that state.

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